Organization & History

The Ethiopian Animal Feed Industry Association is established on October 3, 2007. The Association is a non- profit, non-political, democratic, voluntary, secular organization established with the objective of transforming the Ethiopian Animal Feed industry

Ethiopian Animal Feed Industry Association (EAFIA) is:-

  • With technical support given by Land O’ Lakes Ethiopia EAFIA is an association locally established by feed factory owners private dairy farmers & dairy cooperatives.
  • Legally registered with Federal Ministry of Justice in January, 2008.
  • A non-profit, non-political, democratic, voluntary and secular organization.
  • EAFIA is governed by General Assembly and Board.
  • Has got audit committee and Executive Director.


  • Membership currently we have only 25 registered and active members.
  • Limited knowledge of members on legal and policy issues, national and international standards and the concept of good feed manufacturing practice
  • Limited information on current size of the industry and technology in use
  • Inadequate animal feed quality control services has made it impossible to monitor feed.
  • Multiple taxation imposed at different stage of animal feed processing (VAT).


  • In an effort to streamline the animal feed industry and ensure production of quality feed products, there is a need for collective and collaborative efforts by feed manufacturers through EAFIA.
  • Government needs to encourage investment in feed production and institute sound policies to assure adequate feed supplies and reliable quality of raw materials that will result in quality feeds at reasonable prices affordable to livestock producers
  • As young association, EAFIA needs support from governmental and non-governmental organizations to meet its objectives.

Way Forward

To strengthen overall capacity of EAFIA

  • Fund raising for skilled manpower requirement & promotion of its objectives.
  • Conduct a baseline survey of the industry
  • Recruiting more members and holding regional workshops to train stakeholders on good feed manufacturing practice, holding of annual general conferences and executive council meetings.
  • Awareness creation: publishing newsletters and periodicals of the association and development of website to promote its objectives and activities to local, regional and international interest groups and

Enhance self regulation: involve development of animal feed quality control services in the industry that will promote production of high quality feed.