Achievements so far

  • In collaboration with MoARD, EIAR, SPS-LMM, ESGPIP, FAO, ESAP, IPMS & Tuft University, EAFIA organized and participated in the study entitled ”Livestock Feed Resources in Ethiopia: Challenges, Opportunities and the Need for Transformation”.
  • Participated in evaluation and revision of animal feed administration and regulatory proclamation prepared by MoARD.
  • Participated in local, regional and federal conferences where the industry has a stake.
  • In collaboration with Land-O’lakes SPS-LMM, EMDTI and ESGPIP EAFIA facilitated trainings to its member on feed preparation, feed safety and quality issues.
  • In collaboration with Land-O’lakes, Wolejjeejii Agro Industry PLC and Akaki Animal Feed Processing PLC, introduced effective micro organism (EM) technology to EAFIA members and other beneficiaries.
  • In collaboration with Land-O’lakes and Eden Field Agri Seed Enterprise, distributed improved forage seeds to farmers in different regions of the country

In collaboration with Braz Marte General Trading PLC, facilitated the introduction of different feed processing (chopping) machines to dairy farmers.