About Memebership

Membership is open to any individual, Institution or Association, cooperative or other groups whose business is related to the animal feed industry.

There are three types of members and these are active, associate and honorary.

  • Active member: One that requires registration and annual fees, whose business is directly related with livestock feed production and marketing.
  • Associate member: Those mentioned in Article 7.1 above and who have businesses indirectly connected with the Ethiopian livestock feed industry and who have paid registration and annual fees.
  • Honorary member: Any person who has skills, expertise, and knowledge valuable to the association’s mission.

Rights of members

Active member

  • Elect and be elected
  • Express one’s ideas freely
  • Obtain any service and benefit from the Association approved by the By-Law.
  • Members can take advantage of Vote

0bligation of active membership

  • Support the objectives and the By-Laws of the Association.
  • Pay membership fees.
  • Attend meetings

Rights of associate members

  • Participate in Association meetings.
  • Forward suggestion without voting

Obligations of associate members

  • Support the objectives of the Association
  • Comply with the By-Law of the Association
  • Pay membership fees 8.4.4Attend meetings

Being unable to elect and be elected

  • Rights of honorary members
  • Participate in all association’s meeting
  • Forward suggestions without voting
  • Inability to elect
  • Not being obliged to pay membership fees but they contribute fund based on willingness

Obligations of honorary members

  • Attend Association meetings
  • Offer best advice for Association success
  • Represent the best interests of the Association


  • Individuals or organizations who wish to be members of this Association, must complete the application form prepared for this purpose and submit to the secretary of the Executive Committee along with the registration fee and the necessary information.
  • The Executive Committee after reviewing the application shall notify the applicant of its decision of acceptance or non acceptance within 90 days.

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