Call For Meeting

Feed manufacturer, importer, exporter and whole sealer registration and licensing directive

In collaboration with Ethiopian Veterinary Drugs Feed Administration and Control Authority (EVDFACA) and ACDI/ VOCA Ethiopian Animal Feed Industry Association   (EAFIA) would have consultative meeting on the captioned subject on February 3, 2015 at Inter Continental Hotel Addis Ababa. Governmental organizations, development partners working in the feed sector and EAFIA members would attend the meeting.

The main objectives of the meeting are:-

  • To give orientation about the directive. ( VDFACA will give the orientation)
  • To create a good understanding about the directive for EAFIA members and other stakeholders working on commercial feed processing sector.
  • To gather suggestion, comments, etc… from the participants.

To this effect you are cordially invited to attend the meeting and contribute your share to the development of commercial feed processing sector in the country.

Prior to the meeting all participants are expected to read the attached document properly. This will help us to cover the directive within the time frame schedule given in the program.

Note:- Lunch , coffee , tea , highland water etc… will be served at lunch time at Inter Continental Addis Hotel. For those who are coming out side of Addis Ababa, upon the submission of receipt accommodation and travel expense would be reimbursed.

With good regards

Yirdaw W/ Semayat

Executive Director of EAFIA