Eden Field Agri Seed Enterprise

Ethiopia with untouched rich natural resources has an area of 1.104 million km2 and a human population of more than 90 million. Its altitude ranges from 120m below sea level to 4,620m above sea level and this is associated with rich and diverse flora and fauna. However, due to human made mismanagement practices and population pressure, the forest cover is declining rapidly and requires careful coordinated reforestation program. This phenomenon in combination with ever increasing human and livestock population aggravates the degradation of land resources and environmental deterioration. Hence, to benefit from the existing resources, improving the productivity of the resources is very essential.

Cognizant of this fact, efforts are being made to prevent the adverse effect of forest destruction and shrinkage of natural grazing lands. The effort involves conducting of intensive holistic coordinated reforestation and improved forage development program.

To accomplish this, availability of good quality seeds of the required tree and forage plants is very essential. Although, the sector has experienced a lot under the various projects for over four decades, seed supply in the country is not yet well established and there is still shortage, particularly that of quality improved forage crops. In this regard, the private sector has a lot to contribute in providing seeds of the desired species to meet the national demands of tree and forage seeds.

Therefore, to fill the aforementioned serious national challenges, Eden Field Agri-Seed Enterprise has committed itself as a pioneer private quality seed supplier in the country fulfilling all the necessary legal government formalities with unreserved support of the Ministry of Agriculture.

In this regard, involvement of the private sector has an important role to play in reforestation programs, production and dissemination of high quality improved forage, and collection of tree seeds from selected mother trees and supply to the end users. Together with the supply of quality seeds, it is also very important to create intensive public awareness on the use and utilization methods among the local communities and provide advisory services and practical trainings on the areas of natural resources management and conservation and livestock productivity. The enterprise with many unsettled serious challenges, aspires to work aggressively in the supply of seeds through seed dealers in all Regions. On the other hand it is also high time to properly utilize the cane tops from the flourishing sugar factories in different forms by value adding for better use of the byproducts and fill the livestock feed deficit. Despite, the government’s unreserved effort of the reforestation and afforestation programs in the country, the existing situation in the soil and water conservation physical and biological rehabilitation program in the watershed areas still require more holistic dedication to effectively accomplish the desired goal.

The profile briefly shows the background of the Enterprise, its establishment and evolution, its vision, mission, major objectives, focus areas and services. It also highlights how it has organized its activities and the major services it currently delivers.


The Enterprise aspires to be the leading producer and supplier of quality tree and forage seeds and meet the national demand and fill the gap. This will ultimately lead the enterprise to the final goal of supplying superior quality certified seeds in the country.


To promote and assist the sustainable supply of quality tree and forage seeds in collaboration with the farming community, tree growers and other relevant stakeholders engaged in combating climate change, land degradation, and contribute to the efforts made towards improving the livelihood of the people. The enterprise will also provide technical support that enables to secure and develop seed sources to meet the seed requirements for rehabilitation of the degraded forest and grazing lands.


Major objective of the enterprise is to actively work in the production of improved forage and tree seeds, processing, and proper handling and supply to end users and more specifically:

  • To engage in production, processing, handling and supply of quality tree and forage seeds.

  • To help assist the rehabilitation of degraded lands and promotion of agro-forestry practices.

  • To demonstrate its value and promote forage seed out-growers and tree seed collectors to ensure availability of seeds both in quality and quantity throughout the country.

Major activities

Eden Field Agri-Seed Enterprise was established in January 2008, to produce, process and supply quality tree and forage seeds to the end users. The following are major activities and services:

  • Forest tree seed collection and supply
  • Forage seed multiplication and supply

Processing and proper handling of seeds